Connect OpenDJ LDAP service to Websphere federated repositories

Nice that it is possible 🙂

1. Add repository:

Global security > Federated repositories > Manage repositories > Add
Directory type: IBM Tivoli Directory Server
Directory type: Custom

2. Add base entry to realm:

Global security > Federated repositories > Add Base entry to Realm

Name: EXT
Distinguished name of a base entry that uniquely identifies this set of entries in the realm
Distinguished name of a base entry in this repository

3. If required – modify Group attribute definition to your LDAP member naming standards

4. If required – modify LDAP entity types to your LDAP ObjectClass settings, base dn and search filter

5. Restart Was Manager

6. Edit
Global security > Federated repositories > EXT > LDAP entity types

Group groupOfUniqueNames

7. Configure VMMSYNC on IBM Control Desk to fetch users/groups

8. Restart JVM-S on which login should be possible

Direct enter into Websphere Maximo application

If you using integration and passing large amount of data IHS or other proxy can by problematic as it probably could timeout your operations.

To commit this you can use strict WebSphere ports. (In default SCCD installation it will be port 9080). After knowing that port you can access directly: